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Patient Testimonials

It is a miracle!

I started taking my 2 year old daughter to Dr. Bell as a last resort. She had had monthly ear infections for about 9 months. We had recently scheduled surgery for her to have tubes put in, but it just didn't feel right to put her through surgery without exhausting all of our other options.
Taking her to a chiropractor was the best thing we could have done for her. We canceled her surgery, and she has not had one ear infection since we started going! It is a miracle, especially since she has had a couple colds that would have definitely turned into ear infections without chiropractic care. We took her in immediately after she came down with her last cold, and the cold was practically gone the next day.
We have also seen an improvement in my daughter's temperament since we started chiropractic care. She gets sick less and seems more content overall. I would recommend Dr. Bell and Whole Family Chiropractic for anyone struggling with ear infections or anyone wants to improve their overall health and well being.

Thanks for all the great care your have given Mattea!
A. Hayes

I am beginning to sleep without my night guard!

Several years ago I was hit in the face by a fast-moving volleyball at a local tournament. Since then I have had uncomfortable and involuntary movement in my jaw. I was fitted with a night guard to keep from grinding my teeth during sleep. A colleague referred me to Dr. Bell, where I was introduced to Cranial Release Technique. Within two weeks of treatment with CRT, the movement in my jaw has disappeared and I am beginning to sleep without my night guard. It is a simple and effective technique that has helped me resolve a problem that no one could explain or eliminate before. I am very excited about my results!
N. Elshiekh

The amazing result was the improvement in my breathing!

I first went to Debra Bell in the spring of 2004. It was the first time I had ever received chiropractic treatment. I had promised my father that I would hike up Elk butte with him that coming June. We had held a service for my sister Rachel there, on the summer solstice of 2003. My sister Deb had hiked up to the top of the butte for the service, and my father, who is somewhat competitive, wanted to duplicate that feat. It was very important for me to get in good shape, since it is a pretty rigorous hike of about seven miles, for the round trip. I went to Dr. Bell because I was struggling to walk even two miles, due to serious upper back pain. My best friend Wes, had received and continues to receive chiropractic care, and said it had done him an amazing amount of good. The concept behind chiropractic adjustment had always made sense to me. Like a wire linking two computers, the nerves running through the spine are the conduit through which accurate messages must be sent and received. If there is a kink in the wiring, erratic behavior can result. A computer, or your body, will just not function correctly with improper information. After treatment with Dr. Bell, I was able to easily get in the shape necessary to make the hike with my dad and my friend Wes. The amazing result was the improvement in my breathing. When I visited Wes in Seattle, Washington, I was able to run and play full court basketball with him and his friends. I had not been able to comfortably accomplish this in over ten years. Of course I couldn't shoot very well anymore, but it was a lot of fun just the same. I am currently 52 years old and feel better than I have since my early 30's. I have not taken medication of any type in more than a year and a half. Before you reach for the drugs or opt for surgery, visit Dr. Bell. you will glad that you did.
D. Givin

We have not needed antibiotics in the house for almost a year!

Last week I was filling out a medical form for one of our children. When it asked for family physician, I realized that you have become our family doctor. Since we moved to Cary 9 months ago, you have been the only doctor that our family has seen.

From back problems to sports injuries, from colds to flu's, you have been the doctor that we came to. With three children, I can't believe that we have not needed antibiotics in the house for almost a year!

Thank you for helping us keep our family healthy!
B. Carroll

My health overall has improved considerably!

I recently met Dr. Bell during a free screening at Gold's Gym that she was hosting. After seeing Dr. Bell, I am very satisfied with my chiropractic care. Before now, I had headaches practically every day and was extremely tired by evening. Now I no longer have headaches, have more energy and feel great. My health overall has improved considerably.

Without the advice of Dr. Bell and her adjustments, I would not be as happy with my overall healthy well-being as I am today!

I recovered very quickly!

I have had chronic back pain for the past 22 years. My husband referred me to Dr. Bell recently when I was experiencing mild to severe flair ups where my breathing and moving around was difficult.

After seeing Dr. Bell, I was able to stand for a whole day at work without pain. I recovered very quickly.

I have no more headaches!

For four years, I've had sciatic pain and severe neck pain from wrestling and stress. The sciatic pain got to be painful when driving or in class. The neck pain gave me frequent headaches and migraines. I have never had chiropractic treatment for my pain, but my roommate Ashley praised the results she received from Dr. Bell.

Once I began treatment with Dr. Bell, within the first two weeks, I had less pain in my lower back and neck and my whole body followed. Now, I have no more headaches and I have more energy to do the things I love to do outside!

I am very happy with the results!

My son started grinding his teeth, as soon as his first teeth started coming in. He would grind them while both awake and asleep. I found Dr. Bell via my Insurance company's reference and am very happy with the results!

I've been bringing my son to Dr. Bell for a month and he has stopped grinding his teeth and sleeps much better! Dr. Bell is great with him and he is always very relaxed after being adjusted.
S. Wargo

I now have more energy and feel less stressed!

I've had stress headaches and tension in my neck, about two to three times a week and this has been going on for the past three years. The pain was the worst in the first year and inconvenient, especially as I am a teacher.

My brother referred me to Dr. Bell and since seeing her, I have had only one headache in a month. I now have more energy and feel less stressed. It's WONDERFUL!!!! Feeling better makes working with my children so much easier.
O. Pleasants