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Patient Testimonials

Mommy, my ears feels better!

❝My son, Adam, had chronic ear infections since he was three months old. Adam had tubes put in his ears at 15 months old; these tubes "fell out" exactly 2 years later. Immediately, Adam started complaining of ear pain and had ear infections within weeks of the tubes coming out. I took Adam to see Dr. Bell at Whole Family Chiropractic shortly thereafter. After Adam's 1st adjustment, he sat up and said, "Mommy, my ears feels better!" He has been ear infection and pain free since receiving chiropractic care! ❞
Melanie B.

I'm back to my normal routine!

❝Dr. Ashley McGuire is really awesome, I had back pain for long time and I was not able to do my routine work, Dr. Ashley McGuire adjusted my back and in couple of days of adjustments my pain started to decrease. I absolutely highly recommend Dr. Ashley. Cheers!!! ❞
M. Shinde

A great place to be!

❝Great place for chiropractic care or just a nice massage. Dr Silvester and the team will always treat you like family. Our family is newer to North Carolina; they have given us great recommendations for our family's other medical needs.❞
T. Gaskin

They're all awesome!

❝Everyone there is kind, helpful and very very good at what they do! I've seen all three doctors and they're all awesome! ❞

I now have more energy and feel less stressed!

❝I've had stress headaches and tension in my neck, about two to three times a week and this has been going on for the past three years. The pain was the worst in the first year and inconvenient, especially as I am a teacher.

My brother referred me to Dr. Bell and since seeing her, I have had only one headache in a month. I now have more energy and feel less stressed. It's WONDERFUL!!!! Feeling better makes working with my children so much easier.❞

O. Pleasants

Wishing I had come here sooner!

❝I had lower back and neck pain for years and went here as a last resort. Now I'm wishing I had come here sooner. Dr. Ashley McGuire had me feeling instantly better after the first visit! All staff are super professional, and pleasant. Massage therapy on site as well! All three therapists are awesome.❞
Sarah A.

I feel Gr8!

❝The staff at Whole Family treated me with great care and were extremely thoughtful and sensitive to my needs. Being a skeptic of most practices and organization I was blown away by the relief and care I received at Whole Family. Thanks I feel Gr8!❞
C. Melvin

We have not needed antibiotics in the house for almost a year!

❝Last week I was filling out a medical form for one of our children. When it asked for family physician, I realized that you have become our family doctor. Since we moved to Cary 9 months ago, you have been the only doctor that our family has seen.

From back problems to sports injuries, from colds to flu's, you have been the doctor that we came to. With three children, I can't believe that we have not needed antibiotics in the house for almost a year!

Thank you for helping us keep our family healthy!❞

B. Carroll

Working Wonders!

❝Dr Silvester and Laurie, the massage therapist, are working wonders for my stiff and tight body. I am feeling much better and moving much better than before!❞
Gina O.

Pregnancy, pediatric, and lifestyle care!

❝I started seeing Dr. Bell at Whole Family Chiropractic when I was about six months pregnant in July of 2013. At my job I stand for 8 to 12 hours at a time and having 50 extra pounds due to baby weight did not help my back at all.

I started seeing Dr. Bell due to right lower back pain that would not go away. With my first appointment she asked me lots of questions so she could put together a treatment plan. The treatment plan I was given was to be adjusted twice a week. In only two appointments I noticed the right side pain was gone and I was standing up straighter. I have continued to see Dr Bell for spinal alignment maintenance because of the demands of my job.

My 12 year old daughter has also seen Dr Bell. She sees Dr Bell on an as needed basis. She had right shoulder pain due to the heavy book bag she carries around for school. Dr Bell re-aligned her shoulder and gave her some strengthening exercises to do at home. She even had us bring in her book bag to evaluate it and to evaluate how she was caring it.

The waiting area is nice and has two different seating options. I have not had to wait more than 10 minutes for my appointment. The ladies at the reception desk always make me feel welcome. They are very nice and are great with helping me schedule my future appointments.❞

Shawna N.